Published on May 25th, 2020 | by LickIt

Chase Ryder Is Not Good At Basketball But Is Good At…

Chase Ryder is really confident with her basketball skills – she was training, so why not be. But it turned out she did too less training. She kinda sucks at playing basketball. Chase and her man played a game of best three shots. Ryder scored zero, men scored first try. He wins the game and he got a chance to do whatever he wants with Chase Ryder.

First a little naked show for the constructor workers, then a proper show for himself at the apartment. Chase just thought the game is over when they arrived to the apartment, but she was wrong. The game actually just started. First wet T-shirt show on the bed. Then taking off clothes. Then a masturbation show. Then…

I guess you are starting to get the picture where all this in leading. I won’t tell you much more, but I will tell you that they also play with the anus a little bit. “Yay,” for all you anal lovers, or how you express the feeling of joy.
Enjoy now.

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