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Published on May 21st, 2020 | by LickIt


Chanel Preston Starts “Naked With Chanel” Website

Chanel Preston, a 28-year-old girl who started her adult entertainment career with as a stripper, started a new website called Naked With Channel.” No, it is not just another pornographic web site, it is different and this is what we like about the site the most. At still such a young age, Chanel went through a lot of things in her life already. From being shocked how comfortably her first boyfriend was walking but naked from bed to bathroom, to plastic surgeries. Right now her fifth year working as an adult actress is rolling and this new website she started is another great addition to her already very colorful life.

Naked With Chanel is a website and also web-series where she examines American people’s relationship with sex and adult business. Her first episode “Where Do We Learn About Sex?” already dropped and you can watch it below. Chanel Preston focuses her web episode on finding out where do people learn the most about sex. And where do you Lickers (can I call you like that? I know you do not mind. Thanks!) learn the most about sex?

Chanel Preston – Where Do We Learn About Sex?

Along with these great videos, Chanel is also running a blog where you will find all kind of awesome content like “I Feel Fat,” “Free Porn And Yourself” and more. There is also the Q&A section on her website, where you can ask Chanel “whatever” you want and if she would feel the question and her answer is appropriate to feature them on the page, you are a very lucky person. Quick advice: Do not ask stupid questions and you will get a good chance to be on the site.

A very busy girl Chanel Preston is and this is what makes her an even powerful human being.


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