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Casting Fuck Made Adriana Two Thousand Dollars

Twenty years old Adriana from Bronx, New York went to an audition where she earned herself two thousand dollars with an unexpected casting fuck. Adriana, who works as a bartender, lost her virginity at 13 (quite young, eh?). She did not know exactly how and what this audition is all about, but she soon found out. This guy is actually tricking girls and telling them he is a producer, but in reality, he is a guy taping girls for money.

$2,000 for a ten minutes long casting fuck?

Adriana was about to leave the room, but when he told her once again how much money he is willing to pay, she stayed. Just under one condition, it must be short and they both agreed and ended up having a ten minutes long fuck for $2,000. You know how it goes next. He ordered Adriana to take off her clothes, she blows his cock and later ended up fucking him. This Adriana girl is really hot and sexy, I must admit it.

I am wondering how much of this casting fuck is a real. Probably zero, or I hope she did earn herself two grands for this fuck. And is Adriana really twenty years old? I actually do not believe she is twenty (sorry Adriana, but you seem older).

Anyways, I guess these porn castings and auditions are still kinda cool. Just one thing, do not make such a story out of it, because we all know nothing of it is true. If it is, tell me please, and I will took this video down immediately. I mean it.

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