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Published on April 30th, 2020 | by LickIt


Build The Best Lego Creation And Christy Mack Will Reward You Orally

I am 100% sure you were a pro in building Lego creations when you were a kid. Nowadays when you were all grown up you probably still have those Lego sets hidden somewhere in the basement closet and I tell you, you will run and find them as quick as possible, when I explain the news Christy Mack posted up on her Twitter account.

22 years old porn star Christy Mack posted a very simple challenge, where you must get creative and build the best Lego creation possible, and as reward (if of course picked) you will receive a blowjob. True or not true, get creative now and give this challenge a try, maybe you became the happiest man on the planet (or maybe you will just build the best Lego creation and stare at it till the rest of your life wondering why Christy didn’t pick you, especially if all this is false).

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