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Blair Williams Trades A Massage For A Hand Pussy

Blair Williams has been under a whole lot of stress lately. Work has been rough, and it’s left her with nothing but tension in her muscles. She needs to relax, and she needs to relax hard. That’s why she’s brought her assistant into her office to introduce him to her new massage table. She needs him to give her a stress-relieving massage so she can get back to doing her job to the best of her ability.

He’s not going to be an easy sell on it, though. There are company policies about this, after all. Maybe she’s even set him up for an HR investigation. That’s when she brings out her best argument yet.

She found all those secret files on his work computer. It turns out that he’s been fantasizing about her giving him a handjob since he started working for her. He wrote it all down and she read all about it. Blair knows every single detail of his handjob fantasies, and she’s going to use it against him.

Either she can make it a problem for him, or they can help each other out. If he gives her the massage she needs, she’ll lube up and stroke his cock just like he fantasizes about.

She gets up on the table and he has no option but to give her the release she’s asking for. A little oil on her ass and he works her muscles in just the way that she needs. He even makes sure to massage her pussy for her. She gets the clit workout she needs and cums all over his fingers. Now that she’s nice and relaxed, it’s time to make good on her end of the deal.

He gets up on the table and she lubes up his shaft with a few warm gobs of her spit. She has the ability to use her hand just like a pussy and make it feel like her cumming hole on his dick. Blair really wants to suck on his balls, but that wasn’t part of the deal. She’ll have to settle for teasing his head with her lower lips while she strokes his shaft with her hand pussy.

Blair definitely goes above and beyond what she promised by jerking his cum load out all over her trimmed bush. Then she gets down on her knees and takes a whole new load on her perfect tits. This working relationship will never be the same again thanks to Tug Casting!

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