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Bill Bailey The Gigolo, Nikki Benz The Costumer

We all know Nikki Benz and her fame and she recently got divorced and since she hasn’t been fucked properly for a while she orders herself a gigolo Bill Bailey. She is getting ready in the bathroom while her friend is calling her and after picking up the right dress, she hears a knock on the door.

She chooses a stunning and very tight dress, but unfortunately, Billy Bailey is used to petite and rich women, so that does not grab his attention too much. Nikki is nervous a little bit since she never done this before, She never ordered herself a male whore. Bailey calms her down and tells her she is in good hands and that he has lot of experiences with girls who have never done this before.

Benz is also “afraid” of paparazzi since they are freaking everywhere. No panic for her, since no one followed Bill Bailey and there was no one on the hall when walking to her room.

They chat for a little bit. You can see how nervous she is in her eyes and also a little bit shy, especially when black dress is no more. Her big boobs stand up perfectly. Bill is teasing her. Touching her. He kisses her passionately. She is getting comfortable, relaxed. She enjoys the moment, the athlete’s body, the…

At the end Nikki is satisfied and shocked. Bill Bailey is a real athlete in bed and she will definitely call the agency for one more time.

I ask myself many times, how many female and male escorts are out there? In this case I mean all of them, not just the one that are only “fucking escorts,” like Bill Bailey in this video. Also the one that rich woman or man orders just for the company at a show, cinema, conference, etc.

Maybe I would do research and write an article about it in the future. Stay tuned.

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