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Big Breasted Ava Addams Is A Slutty French Woman

Big breasted, slutty and glamour French woman, Ava Addams, up there on the balcony checking out on her hot gardener while starting to feel some warmth inside her. Ava wearing a snow-white dress, which is making her look like an angel, knows she needs to act while her gardener is still around. She need to use her big breasted body in terms of seduction. While on the other side, he is working and sweating and when he took off T-shirt he made Ava Addams starting to feel horny. He had no idea what is happening up there on the balcony. I tell you what was going on. Ava Addams flashed the world and started massaging her swollen nipples and tits.

She needed him, so she quickly went downstairs set herself comfy and asked him to put oil on her skin. Of course he was no resisting. Gardener was happy to help her out and soon after he got the chance to rub oil in her breasts he knew where all this is leading. Do I also need to tell you this? I think not, because big breasted Ava Adams and her moaning will tell you everything. OK, I did ruin a few things of the video, but I will stop now, because I want you to see the rest for yourself.

I will add only this, the video is amazing. The quality, the filming, the editing, the scene, everything. Go, press the play button now and enjoy in every second of it.
Oh, I almost forgot. I did not know big breasted Ava Addams is speaking French so good.

Short Ava Addams Bio

Ava was born Alexia Roy on September 16, 1981 in Houston, Texas (some say Gibraltar). In high school Ava was a Goth girl and she started posing for fetish and nude photo shots when she turned eighteen. A few years later she got lucky and posed for Playboy. The star was rising and eventually she started performing in the porn industry doing girl on girl and solo scenes. Ava is speaking French fluently and she can touch her nose with her tongue.
This big breasted brunette likes spicy food and her all time favorite show is Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Her body are decorating several tattoos and piercings. Ava Addams is a huge fan of basketball and her favorite team are LA Lakers. She is from Houston, but people usually forget she also lived in Los Angeles.

More about Ava can be found on Twitter @AvaAddams and her official site.

Ava Adams and her big breasted body figure will make you rock hard and wet.

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