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Published on December 25th, 2019 | by LickIt


5 Award-Winning Babes to Watch in 2020

Porn stars come and go all of the time. A lot of women make a huge impact on the scene and then just disappear. It’s not difficult to understand when you think about everything that goes into being a porn star in the modern world. Where men and women could just show up on set and have sex for the camera, now a whole social media presence has to be maintained. Women aren’t just selling their sex anymore. They’re selling themselves to the entire world. It’s hard work and the payout can be small if you’re at the top of the porn world. That’s why it’s so important to follow and support the women that you really like. The more attention you give them, the more they know they have a fan base. Here are the top 5 up and coming porn stars that you need to look out for in 2020.

5. Elizabeth Romanova

Starting in 2019 and making a huge splash, Elizabeth Romanova has a lot more to offer than her body. She got her stage name from Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhine, who’s a canonized saint. Its’ no surprise that watching Elizabeth fuck is just heavenly. She pours her heart and soul into her scenes and always plays to the camera. She’s a hot blonde who’s 26 years old and well on her way to becoming a household name. Her whole porn thing is desire and beauty and there’s nothing wrong with that. She loves being wanted and it always shows in her sex scenes. She’s certainly one to keep your eye on for the New Year.

4. Honey Gold

A 26 year old that started making porn in 2018, Honey Gold is quickly making her mark on the world. She’s a gorgeous ebony woman with just the right amount of tattoos on her skin. She takes things to the extreme and that’s why she needs more eyes on her. You can actually see the passion of her fucking on her face and on her body. She looks amazing when she gets herself all oiled up and she never lets the action slow down. The look on her face when she gets a hand slipped down her panties is as close to real sex as you can get on a porn video.

3. Vienna Black

Don’t let the name fool you. Vienna Black is always white hot on camera. She’s a 24 year old vixen who could raise the dead with her mouth. She always seems to be smiling and wants nothing more than to tease and please. She’s the kind of girl who always makes a point of taking off her clothes as slowly as she possibly can. Seeing her naked lets you know why immediately. Her body is absolutely perfect and her face is stunning. She’s everything in one package and she’s in love with giving blowjobs. She takes her time and makes them as sensual as possible, always making sure to stare right into the camera. It certainly doesn’t hurt that she’s always ready to swallow every last drop.

2. Kali Roses

Kalie Roses is the kind of girl that every man on the planet has always wanted to have sex with. She’s a tiny, little petite blonde who’s not afraid of playing in public. In fact, it’s kind of her thing. You can’t get as many tattoos and piercings as she has unless you like to be looked at. Her boobs are small and her body is tight but her hair is long. You just can’t get any better than that. She’s only 23 years old and started her porn journey in 2019. Given how much she clearly loves having her butthole licked, you’re sure to be seeing a lot of her front and back in 2020. Just make sure you have a place for her sit. She’s a girl who loves to sit and spin.

1. Baily Bae

Blonde hair, blue eyes and bisexuality will take you very far in the porn world. That’s why Bailey Bae has made one massive splash in the past few years. She’s just as happy having sex with men as she is with women and it always shows. There’s always a massive smile on her face when she’s on camera. She got her start with camming and quickly became a porn studio favorite. She’s 25 years old and will always be a stunner. Standing at 5’6” and weighing in at 126 LBS, you just can’t get any better than her. Just look at her 34B-24-34 figure and you’ll never be able to tear your eyes away from her.

2020 is a promising year

With all of these porn stars burning up the charts, 2020 is going to be a great year. Each of these girls has a media presence that everyone should be following. There’s no telling just how far they’ll all go. One thing is certain, though. They’re going to be amazing to watch as it happens. Keep your eyes on them and help them to keep on rising.

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