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Autoblow 2 Male Pleasure Toy Launches Indiegogo Campaign

On Indiegogo, a crowdfunding site, a campaign was launched to raise $45,000 to complete the first production line of the male pleasure device called Autoblow 2. The name pretty much speaks for itself. It is an automated, hands-free masturbator created by Brian Sloan.
Since most sex toys for men work on batteries, Brian’s invention can be plugged in to any wall and uses a powerful motor that works for thousands of hours.
Brian Sloan spent a good amount of time on developing the most realistic male sex toy possible and Autoblow 2 was made. It may not look realistic, but it is about the realistic pleasure you will get with it without using your hands. You will be
With the Indiegogo campaign he and the crew will try to raise $45,000 to complete their first production run.
Lawyer Brian Sloan, his crew and all the backers are making the next generation of “realistic” male sex toys.
If the reach the goal, the first line of products will be ready for customers by June, 2014.
Brian thinks men deserve better. He properly automated pleasuring with this new sex toy in a way that has not been done before.
He also added that Autoblow is the fix for everything that is wrong in the current male sex toys, especially those stroking type of toys.
there, chilling on the couch and this toy will do the job for you.
What is great about this product is that it fits penises every shapes and sizes. There are three different sleeve sizes you can choose from, so you definitely can not go wrong with it. You can see sizes A, B and C above.

Is Autoblow 2 the game changer?

The inside is looking very interesting and I would not mind giving it a try. If it feels as good as Brian is saying, then it must really feel good. Especially since he is standing behind his project so solidly. I believe in you and in your Autoblow 2!

Read all the details you need to know about this “realistic” sex toy on the campaign page. Remember, support the project and you can be part of something big.


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