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5 Asian Women’s Mistakes In Bed?

Asian women, including Vietnamese women, are still quite shy about sex because of the old Confucian teachings and cultures.

That’s why women become boring people in their sex lives. So what should be done to avoid the mistakes of women in bed, to get more sublimation in sex?

Let’s find out in this article!

5 Mistakes Of Women In Bed

1. Passive when “in love”

According to a few surveys that Love Egg knows, men often feel that they are the ones who take the initiative in “love”. This may come from the objective factor of men’s constant sexual needs, and women need stimulation. But on the contrary, the subjective factor is that women are very timid, mushy and not active in sex, making you feel that you have no interest in sex. Not even interested in me, although this is not at all. A woman’s passivity can make men more self-conscious, relationships regressive, and sex as bland as possible.

In addition to not actively falling in love, the sisters also hesitate to make suggestions on how to love, changing new positions both of them have never done or actively changing the space and place of love. They kept going back and forth in the bed and the old positions.

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2. Anxiety about appearance

Appearance is something that haunts women all the time, not just in bed. Being “in battle” but you keep thinking about recently gaining weight, about your waist not being very small, or your face has just had a few acne. These worries make you never dress sexy with 1 pair of sexy underwear or lack of fabric.

Actually, men don’t pay attention to such small changes. They only care about having sex with you, they are interested and forget everything when you are enthusiastic and passionate about them. It’s as simple as that.

3. Believing that men only like sex

The need for sex is one of the same basic needs as the need to eat and dress. For men, this need is always present but not all men always think only about sex and only like sex.

There will be changes in the need for sex in men of different ages.

For pubescent men, the need for sex is always higher. However, for men entering adulthood, when the pressure of money, work pressure, paying bills, fulfilling obligations and responsibilities to family and society, the need for sex will decrease. His 1 day is occupied by so many things, how can he just think about sex?

And many women who believe that men who only like sex will fall short, disappointed when their partner is less enthusiastic about them, thinking that their feelings have faded so they are no longer interested in sex. Men, on the other hand, only pause their need for sex to focus on other issues in their lives. And sometimes stress causes them to have diminished needs.

4. Do not have frank conversations about sex

Most men want to please their partner in sex, it’s like a pride, pride to you for conquering her in bed, making your woman happy. But most women don’t talk frankly about sex. Do not share with you what you want when you fall in love, how to make yourself satisfied.

Avoiding conversation is not a good way to solve anything, including sex.

5. Don’t try new suggestions

Men often like new things. After having sex for a long time, it seems that the guy wants to change the sex in a more interesting way, such as changing the sex position to prolong love, or using sex toys for women… But you are always drunk “full” which makes you depressed. No one is forcing you to do something you don’t want to do, but sometimes changing a few new suggestions is worth trying, right?

Remember, there are also multiple things girls can learn from watching porn.

Conclusion: Why Are There Women’s Mistakes In Bed?

Gender: Men and women always have differences in thinking and opinions.

Culture: Accompanied by cultural factors from ancient times that make women hesitant to have sex.

These basic reasons why sex is not compatible.

That said, to “love” better, more harmonious is not only instinctive but also requires understanding and knowledge.

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