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Ashlyn Molloy And Skylar Green Playing A Game Of Sexy Twister

This is probably one of the sexiest Twister games I have ever seen. Redhead Ashlyn Molloy and blonde Skylar Green are playing a game of Twister in just their underwear. This lesbian couple has plenty of fun playing the game, but when the game is over, the actual fun is only about to start.

It is Skylar who made the first move and started attacking Ashlyn Molloy. She took off her clothes, made her go in the doggy position and started licking her juicy twat. Molloy kneeling on the ground and letting Skylar put her tongue as deep as possible. Skylar Green even tasted the outside of her anus and made her reach a very shaky orgasm.

Now it is time for Ashlyn Molloy to return the favor. Skylar moves on the couch with her legs wide open, so redhead can enjoy pussy licking as much as possible and reaching every corner of it with her tongue. Just when Skylar is about to cum, they move their sexy, tattooed bodies back to the ground. Now they are using Twister plastic mat again for a little different game. Ashlyn Molloy continues pleasuring her blonde partner with using both, her tongue and her finger. She is making Skylar moaning louder and louder until the goal is reached.

Once again Green attacks Molly with her experienced and talented tongue while lying on the floor. 19 year old Ashlyn is sitting on the ground and leaning on the couch with her back and enjoying the moment. The moment that eventually ended up in a breathless orgasm.

Ashlyn Molloy and Skylar enjoying in a game of “Twister.”

What was first a sexy game of Twister it ended up being amazing lesbian sex, with two very satisfied girls.

This just made me thinking. Imagine a Twister kind of a game but made only for adults. You know, to spice up their sex adventures. Shall we call it Sexter? Man, this would be freaking amazing and I am sure it would sell like crazy. It would be something like Kamasutra and you will be constantly inventing new sex positions.

Hey, who won the game?

You might not join these two gorgeous human beings at playing Twister, but you can entertain yourself by playing games at Sexy Games.

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