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Published on September 8th, 2022 | by LickIt


Are Sex Simulators Better Than The Real Thing?

Are you curious to know why can a sex simulator be better than the real thing?

Anyone who’s spent any amount of time having casual sex knows that it has its drawbacks.

1,000s of people are seeking it out right now, but it rarely works out how it’s supposed to. The first problem is the most obvious one.

It takes lots of work and money to get one hook up with one person. You have to go out to a bar and buy the other person a lot of food and drinks.

That’s the only way to get your fun out of them. Then you seldom get what you actually enjoy out of it.

There’s always way too much shyness and nervousness when you have sex with a total stranger.

The people who do it almost always walk away feeling ashamed and unfulfilled. That’s why a sex simulator can be much better than the real thing.

3 Reasons Why Sex Simulator Can Be Better Than The Real Thing

1. Stop paying for the other person

The first reason a sex simulator will be better than the real thing is that you’ll never have to spend as much money as the real thing.

You don’t have to buy drink after drink to impress the girl you’re with. You also never have to take them out to dinner.

The girl that you decide to hook up with in a simulator isn’t impressed by how much money you can spend on a night out. They’re only there to make you feel good and that’s it.

When you’re only there to enjoy yourself, you’ll have a lot more fun than you would otherwise.

It’s all about you and no one else, and you can’t go wrong with that!

2. Explore your deepest fantasies

On top of that, you’ll be able to get all of your deepest sexual fantasies satisfied with a simulator.

You never have to worry about what the other person will think about you.

Whoever you choose to play around with in the virtual world will tend to your needs and experiment with you as much as you want.

You never have to feel ashamed of what you ask her to do. Just sit back and let it all play out in front of you.

That’s how you’re going to learn about what you want and how you want it done to you.

3. Get it whenever you feel like it

Finally, the biggest benefit of simulators over the real thing is that you’re always going to get it when you want it.

You’re never going to spend an entire night searching for sex games, only to be turned down at the end of it.

These girls literally can’t say no to you.

All of the sexual satisfaction that you could ever want is just waiting for you at the end of your next click.

You won’t know how good it can be until you try it out yourself!

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