Published on September 19th, 2018 | by LickIt

Anal Curiosity With Lesbians Dila And Edita

Dila and Edita are really good friends and they always like to play with each other and anal curiosity was in them for a very long time now. This one evening when they went to bed, they both feel very horny and quickly began with the action. Young Russians (not really sure if both are Russians, but let say they are) passionately attack each other with kisses and touches.

They do not need the blanket because love is keeping them warm. They really feel each other, they breath each other and they are making this scene look so realistic. With the anal curiosity in their minds they finally make it a reality. First some really soft licks to wet it and later one finger, then two fingers… Dila and Edit are excited and they find anal pleasuring very erotic and it sure satisfies their needs.

We all know that these two will definitely try fingering and licking their anuses at least one more time in the future. Well, why not. If something feels good, you would love to do it over and over again.

For Dila and Edite, anal curiosity is now no more. I am wondering what are these two curious about now. Maybe we will see it in the next video?


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