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Amy Anderssen And Her Breasts Nailed In The Shower

I just could not pass by Amy Anderssen’s Digital Playground “Stepmom’s Boobs” video without mentioning it on the web site. It’s the boobs that grab my attention. Definitely those Hooters (yes, with a capital because they deserve it!). However, I, personally, am not really the biggest fan of monster melons. To each his own, they say.
On the flip side, I know millions of guys out there like massive breasts, but when things go too far, things just go too far. I must admit, Amy Anderssen has a really hot body, but when it comes to her massive breasts, lips and her voice it’s a little too much for me. Bare in mind, no disrespect, Amy is still an amazing woman especially in action, fucked by Michael Vegas!
Not to mention, people like different things, so if you are into dolls, Amy is the right one for you. To be exact, she is just the PERFECT pack to bring your depest fantasies to reality. Oh yes she will. You most definitely will not be left disappointed. Amy knows damn well how to seduce and pelase a nice, hard cock.
Father and son have been without wife/mom for a year now, but father already brought a new girl home and when he asked her to marry him, son got all pissed. He does not like her, so he heads out to get his friend’s advice what to do with her. The advice was, tape it. Tape your stepmom while having sex with her. Every dude’s dream? Might be.
It was definitely something that will make his father extremely mad so the challenge was accepted. He quickly headed back to the house and to his luck, he (Michael Vegas) found her in the bathroom taking a shower. Everything fitted together just perfectly.
(You know dad will get angry when he will receive a message by his son fucking Amy Anderssen.)

Go and enjoy the video now. Even if boobs aren’t your thing, just like they do not really do the thing for me, boy, I sure did enjoy the video. Amy is a natural (kinda).

Amy Anderssen and her majestic boobs in action





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16 Responses to Amy Anderssen And Her Breasts Nailed In The Shower

  1. Alan says:

    …and thank goodness we get to watch πŸ™‚

  2. afan240s says:

    every vid just gets better & better UR terific. I got a perfect sequel to this: dad & Amy get even by screwing the little mother fucken step son’s girl friend in front of his friends. U pick out the star to play the girl friend

  3. LickIt says:

    Seems you enjoying the stuff and we like it that way!

  4. boudi says:

    I wish I can watch,, my country they block the porn sites

    • LickIt says:

      Really? Where do you live, if it is not a secret?
      Next time, when you go outside the country, take some of your time and watch it πŸ™‚

  5. harry says:

    did saw a lot of girls in this world but amy anderssen is one of the most beautiful and hot lady in this world Love U

    • LickIt says:

      I am glad to hear you like Amy. Like I told above, her body is amazing and she has a pretty and cute face (I am just not the biggest fan of big breasts). Enjoy.

  6. Michael says:

    I would love to get the chance to do a scene with her..i love huge giant tits and well… shes the summary of my life long fantasy…. .all i need is one chance and well im hot and hung young …whatever id have to do hehe πŸ˜‰ id love to turn in my cockplication *smirks*…

    • LickIt says:

      Um… maybe you can give it a try and contact her? πŸ™‚ You never know what will happen and with a huge amount of luck you can make your dream come true! πŸ™‚

  7. IrishMaN says:

    How do I actually watch the video?

  8. vanja says:

    my mom of my girlfriend?

  9. raghav says:

    Amy i want to fuck you please tell me your Ficking price… Love you darling

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