Amazing 3D Bodypaintings By Japanese Hikaru Cho

You know what bodypainting is and you know they are usually doing it on sexy topless girls at car shows to promote different brands and products. But this is something completely different, something that will make you go “wow.”
Hikaru Cho is Japanese artist who’s 3D style bodyprintings really stands out. Above is a photo gallery showing you some of Hikaru’s incredible work and below you will find two short clips (one is a lemon neck and the other is peeling a mandarin of off the human cheek) of how the work looks in real life.
Hikaru Cho uses acrylic paints and human body as a piece of paper and if you combine his skills, style, colors and body together you get these amazing art that will really blow you away.
I can’t imagine seeing some of this stuff in a spooky house, it would probably scared the crap out of me.

When you are done watching photos and videos, go and check Hikaru Cho’s work on Facebook, Flavors and Tumblr to see even more.

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