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Published on March 26th, 2015 | by LickIt


Alejandra Guilmant Went Topless On Top Of Angeles

What’s better than a nice view over the city? A nice view over city with a sexy Mexican model Alejandra Guilmant flashing the world with her gorgeous body. Simple yet very powerful answer and if you are not feeling it, well, find yourself some help I guess. Or at least try very, I mean VERY hard to imagine yourself being part of the photo shoot.
Guys at Egotastic! posted a mouth watering photo gallery of Latina Alejandra Guilmant that you should definitely not miss.
If you are up to date with Playboy and Esquire, you already saw some lovely “stuff” from Alejandra. If not, now is your chance. Now is you chance to check this Latina and see all her “secrets” flashing your eyes, making you sweat and hungry for more. Go visit to check the photo gallery. I guarantee you your day will instantly become much brighter, even if it’s raining over there like it’s here.
Like they say, every city should spice up its tourist brochure with a city landscape photo framed behind a hot body of a model. In this case, Alejandra Guilmant. Man, I am sure there would be a huge bump in tourism sales in cities with sexy brochures.
Photos shot by Richard Bernardin for the Treats! Magazine.
(p.s. Go check Richard’s page for tons of amazing photos of some beautiful models. And don’t forget to follow Alejandra Guilmant on Instagram.)

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