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After Workout Sex Always Feels Good And Relaxes Muscles

Gorgeous Riley Reid is just finishing her daily yoga session and is ready for an after workout sex with her boy Bruce Venture.
She is in the living room stretching her body out and when Bruce joins her, things go hot. To make it more fun they take advantage of the exercise ball implementing various different positions on it.

After workout sex is good for your body and mind. It relaxes you. Or does it really?

While Bruce is balancing on the ball, Riley Reid starts with a nice blowjob, performing slow and sensual strokes. Venture is getting harder and that is what makes Riley more and more excited. She rises up and performs a lapdance what makes Bruce Venture’s cock rock hard. After she is all naked, not wearing a single piece of clothing anymore, she turns around. Riley spreads her vagina and sits on Bruce’s cock. Thanks to the exercising ball, it offers them a proper bounce which Riley takes advantage of. She is jumping up and down and this after workout sex is becoming literally a workout.
It is Riley Reid who is next in row to lie on the exercise ball. Now it is time for Bruce to do the work and to fuck her cute bouncing bunny. Eventually the ball is taking too much of their energy so they move to the ground and continue fucking.
You see, this is what I call a proper workout. First you do a session of yoga or something and then enjoy an after workout sex. Two workouts in a row. That’s how it’s done.

P.S. Start working out more and instead of a stretch enjoy yourself in an after workout sex.

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