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Thank you for taking interest in one of our many advertising possibilities. Here at the ICanLickIt, we have several programs to help promote your product, website, store or service. Currently we offer the following advertising opportunities; these include banner ads, sponsored reviews and links. We believe our website is a very good promotion for erotic online stores, dating sites and other erotic and adult related sites due to it’s high quality content.

A little bit about us

Yes this website is a little different and it is not as other adult/porn sites. We will try to post only the best/interesting videos, pictures, articles, interviews, etc. You are all welcome to follow our blog.
Bare in mind: Together we will lick the world.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are one of the best ways to get exposure on the internet. If you are interested in purchasing a banner ad, please contact us for rates and what kind of banners would you like (header or sidebar).

Sponsored Reviews

Do you have a product, you would like to promote? Having a sponsored review can help you get the exposure you need to launch that new product into erotic space. We will help you spread the word! Please contact us to set the price for the review.

Preferred Rates

We also offer discounts to advertisers that wish to place their ads for more than one month at a time basis. if you feel you would like to advertise for multiple months please contact us for a preferred rate.

Got Questions?

If you have any suggestions concerning advertising or just haven’t found the answer to what you were looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Some Statistics

Icanlickit generates approx. 110,000 unique visitors and this number is on the rise. Your ads will be exposed to over 250,000 views every month. Demographics show that the majority of our users are from the USA, UK, Canada & Europe.

Contact Us

Please contact ICanLickIt directly from here. Subject should be “Advertise with Icanlickit”.


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