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Published on February 17th, 2014 | by LickIt


21 Insane, Weird And Bizarre Fetishes For No Average People

Everyone one has some kind of a fetish, let it be something really small, or something that he/she is afraid to share with the world. One day I stumbled across this forum where I saw the Necrophilia category. I got really scared and wasn’t even trying to press on it to check what’s inside (human beings can get so extremely weird). But I decided to search for 21 weird and bizarre fetishes and share them with you. I didn’t even knew some of them existed. Have in mind that this collection of 21 bizarre fetishes is not even close to the number of all fetishes. There are so many. Pretty much everything you see around your on a daily basis can be a fetish for someone. Yep, it can get that crazy.
So lets start with these bizarre fetishes.

The Human Furniture Fetish

A fetish where human beings are used and build into pieces of furniture. For example tables, chairs, stand-up lamps and more made of humans. I don’t find this one so bizarre, it is kinda weird, but if you are using it for art and stuff, it can come out pretty cool actually.
I found an awesome example on one page of a new fetish – the Ikeaphilia.

Second choice of our bizarre fetishes list – The Cannibalism Fetish

A lot of times people are saying that someone is so cute and so sweet your could eat them, but usually this are just expressions saying how much you like someone. But there are people who will literally do it. This bizarre fetish once really happened in Germany, when Armin Meiwes ate and killed a victim he met over the internet. A lot of rumours came out that time, but if it is half real, a life time sentence is too soft of a punishment for Armin.
People with this fetish try to satisfy their needs with watching cannibalism-kind of photos and videos and fantasize of how they would eat someone. Plain stupidity.

The Murder Fetish

This bizarre fetish can actually be compared with previous one. But if you look from the other side of this insane world, this can be part of the act with your partner. Just like playing doctors or father and mother, you can also play dead guys and girls. Of course, you must know that there are guys and girls out there who are not just playing this “fun” game. Those are really dangerous to the society.
A couple erotophonophiles to mention: John Wayne Gacy, Jeffery Dahmer and Ted Bundy.
Why I even decided to write about these bizarre fetishes.

The Menstruation Fetish

These bizarre fetishes don’t have a limit. When most of the guys (and girls) find bleeding vagina very unsexy and very disgusting, there are vampires out there. Well not literally vampires, but human vampires who are obsessed with bleeding vaginas. Since men are not bleeding, this means usually male part of the population is the one who have menstruation fetish.

The Vomit Fetish

Have you ever heard for a Roman Shower? I bet you know what Golden Shower is, well Roman version of it is something similar and as disgusting (maybe even more), just that peeing is replaced with vomiting. This is the next level of the Golden Shower if you ask me and “just” one small of the bizarre fetishes world.
This just made me remember of this crazy story my friend told me once. There was a guy, drunk as hell once hanging out with a girl and when they started making up, the guy puked in here mouth during kissing. Insane, right?

The Insect Fetish

Lots and lots of people in this world are afraid of bugs and insects, but some are loving them a freaking lot. They enjoy the feeling of bugs biting them and climbing all over their naked skin. Why the bloody hell you people do not replace tickling feeling of a bug walking up and down your body with hot female or male fingers tickling you?

The Rubber Mask Fetish

This is one of those traditional fetishes that we all know about, but I really needed to bring it up. Many videos of rubber masked people are there on all those huge free porn web sites. No one can actually charge your anything for wearing a rubber mask, unless you got to the bank with it (that might be a problem). No big of a deal this fetish is, but it still is a little weird.

The HIV Fetish

Next in our bizarre fetishes list is the HIV fetish. Yep, you heard it right, the HIV fetish. Those people are trying to sleep with others that are infected with AIDS. This fetish is more popular with the gay community. All these people don’t get hard and wet unless they do not risk their lives sticking their boner in HIV positive partners. Can not believe things like this are even happening in the world.

The Crush Fetish

Another one of bizarre fetishes I never heard for before. The crush fetish is a fetish where a person likes watching insects or other cute animals get crushed by a human being (how cruel are we!). The person who crushes them is usually a sexy girl and she is doing it with heels. Videos including crushing and killing animal are banned at most parts of the world, but there are still many pages out there where you can find yourself this kind of content.

The Limited Mobility Fetish

Um… What? This insane and bizarre fetish, the Limited Mobility fetish, is a fetish where fetishist like watching disabled people struggling themselves with accomplishing regular tasks on a, for example, broken wheelchair. Even crazier, they like watching people reaching a goal (walking up the starts) without the appropriate devices to help them out. Does this mean all these sick people are constantly at the hospital looking disabled people?

The Amputee Fetish

I saw some of this stuff popping out on the free porn web sites. Not even close to being attractive to this stuff, but you know when there’s a video, there are people watching it. This is actually part of the world. There are many people around the world that went through some serious accidents leaving them without arms and legs. This is where the fetishists gets their role.
But there is this other part of this fetish, where people get their limbs permanently removed to reach the fetish to the fullest. The first part is not that insane, when your hear for this bizarre fetish. Can you imagine removing your healthy hand or leg, just to reach your “full sexy amputee look?” I can’t.

The Trees Fetish

This one is called Dendrophilia and it means “love of trees.” You probably got the idea about this fetish already. Fetishists are sexually attracted to trees. Some of them even have “sex” with trees. Do they look for a hole in a tree and stuck their penises in it and females, do they search for a natural dildo?

The Sneezing Fetish

How can you event be attracted to sneezing? When most of the people try to get as quickly as possible away from the flu, these weirdos like the sneeze. Next time when I will be sick, I will start collecting sneeze and then sell it to people with mucophilia. This could be a pretty easy money.

The Teddy Bear Fetish

Everyone owned at least one teddy bear when he/she was just a kid, but teddy bear fetishists (ursusagalmatophilia) are obsessed with teddy bears and you better not try stilling it from them. They will got pissed.

The Statue Fetish

These bizarre fetishes are killing me, really.
The Statue Fetish is also called the Algamatophilia and involves a sexual attraction to a statue or a doll, or similar figurative objects. Fetishists like to be in a physical contact with statues during pleasuring themselves, or at least watch them while they masturbate.

The Mechanical Fetish

Or mechanophilia is a fetish where there is a sexual attraction to machines involved. Bicycles, helicopters, cars and other motor vehicles can all be used for their satisfaction.

The Eyeball Licking Fetish

The Eyeball Licking Fetish or also known oculolinctus or “worming” is super weird fetish where people get attracted sexually during licking eyeballs. Last year a report was made, that this fetish is really popular in Japan.

The Cold Fetish

Um… I get horny when I am warm, but there is not even a chance I get horny when I am cold, even if I am watching others being gold or freeze. If watching other I instantly get cold also, so no way I am getting hard. But you know there are people who like this craziness.
Almost at the end of bizarre fetishes list.

The Religious Fetish

Sorry nuns, but you where the first thing that I think about. Maybe because the first photo of this Religious Fetish I saw was from a nun. This is a fetish where there is a sexual interest in religious and sacred objects involved. I am sure these people are constantly hanging out in church. Am I wrong?

The “Liquid in your But” Fetish

There is a fancy word for this fetish, the Klismaphilia, is when a person receives a dose of liquids straight into the rectum and colon via the anal hole. Isn’t this hurting like crazy?

The Rubbing Fetish

Here is the last of our 21 bizarre fetishes list. The Rubbing fetish or fancier, Frotteurism, is a fetish where people likes to rub with a boner against a non consenting persona. Frotteur is the person who like the rubbing fetish and usually they are man attacking women. This rubbing game is usually done in a very crowded public place, train or bus for example.

OK enough with this craziness now. Here are 21 bizarre fetishes and I will stop now. I know I mentioned necrophilia at the beginning of this post, but I have enough of this madness. No way I am writing about it now. Maybe one day in the future.
I think I have enough of reading about these bizarre fetishes for a long time.


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