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Published on September 28th, 2017 | by LickIt


Valentina Paradis Pleases A Nice Big Dick With Mad Style

I believe everyone (even girls!) would enjoy being treated by insanely beautiful Valentina Paradis. This chick has mad style! From how she kisses dude’s body and licks his nipples, to the way how she strips down her sexy white lingerie and sucks his fat cock – all this combined will make you speechless. Now imagine her doing this exact stuff to you. I know, right? And I haven’t even started talking about her ill looks. Exotic she is and those peroxide white hair are making her look 10 times hotter. But there is way more to what she has in store when it comes to pleasing and treating a nice, big, fat cock.
They way how Valentina Paradis does it can be described as luxurious. She does it slowly. As already said, she kisses skin and licks nipples for a pre-warm up. She makes you rock solid before she even does anything to your private parts. As a matter of fact, only by looking at her tempting body and seductive looks is enough to increase your blood flow down under.
Anyhow, before she even gets fully naked, she teases you by sitting on your face, making you hungry for her vagina. You want to munch on it badly but she does not let you remove her panties. Not yet. She is playing a dom but not for long. Blonde and petite Valentina Paradis tortures you only for a few moments. She soon gets rid of her white thongs and gently sits back on your face, offering you her pussy. You lick her twat and make her moan and wet and ready to put things in the next gear. Not so fast! Before she spreads her legs, she first turns around, sits on your cock (while you still have your pants on) and starts fingering her pussy. That view! I could watch this image for hours and would not get bored, not even for a second.
From then on things slowly escalate. For one last time Valentina Paradis lets you put your mouth to use on her twat. Now, when she is all aroused, she gets down to pleasing your cock while innocently looking you in your eyes. Again, what a view!
Finally, the time comes to insert your dong inside her muff. Her juicy pussy wraps around your cock and lets you experience an unforgettable moment. From you fucking her to she fucking you, you wish all this would last forever and ever. The sad part is, everything once comes to its end. At least it’s an end that will always warm you up when thinking about it.

Damn, that was an insane show, Valentina Paradis!

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