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Tyler Nixon Punished And Fucked By Sexy Stepsisters

Kenzie Taylor describes her current boyfriend, Tyler Nixon, to her stepsister, Vanessa Cage, with huge excitement. It’s this good looking surfer stud who Kenzie is so crazy in love with. The more in details she goes, the more curious Vanessa gets until things slowly come together. Kenzie and Vanessa realize they are dating the same guy, Tyler. That cheating little bastard.

Sexy blonde stepsisters punish cheating Tyler Nixon and fuck his brains out.

Being in super good relationship, these two sexy blonde stepsisters decide to play around with him for a little bit.
Kenzie gives him a call and invites Tyler Nixon over for the Nuru Massage they had some fun with the other day. Needless to say, Tyler jumps out of the bed and rushes over to her place to spend some slippery moments with one of his babes, Kenzie Taylor. Going straight to action, those monster breasts of Kenzie’s make Tyler excited in no time. However, Kenzie is in no rush since she has a special surprise ready for him.
Boom! There she appears, Vanessa Cage. No way did Tyler Nixon know they are stepsisters. What he is about to witness next is probably the biggest punishment a dude can get.
Kenzie and Vanessa are two very open-minded stepsisters who do fuck each other every so often. Probably way more often than one may think! This being said, and both wearing sexy lingerie, they attack each other and throw down a nice lesbian show for Tyler. But Tyler Nixon, as much as he wants to join them in their lesbian Nuru Massage act, he is not allowed.
Fooling around with both Kenzie Taylor and Vanessa Cage for so long, it’s now time for them to penalize him. To punish Nixon, make him drool and his cock throb, with the hottest lesbian show ever. Putting their tempting bodies to use, kissing, teasing and pleasing each other’s oily pussies – Tyler Nixon’s mind goes berserk. It drives him crazy, watching Vanessa play with Kenzie’s juicy pussy while exposing her incredible ass. At one point he has enough of it and just wants to leave. Not so fast, Tyler! They have him hooked.
Inviting him over to join them makes Tyler Nixon stay and excited as ever. Even if pissed and mad AF, no way could one refuse such offer.
Still, these two hotties don’t get to the business, enjoying his cock, just yet. Taking advantage of his weakness, they continue to play around with each other, having fun – ON HIS BODY!
It is always worth the wait for such opportunities, no matter how long (and what!) it takes. Kenzie and Vanessa finally make a decision and end the punishment process. They work Tyler Nixon’s cock inside their mouth before they fuck him hard and vividly.
After all this time of cheating and hiding, Tyler gets a dick treatment he always fantasised about – from two hot stepsisters!

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