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Published on June 29th, 2017 | by LickIt


Could This Be Top 10 Countries With Biggest Breasts?

This guys over at the Unilad just recently posted a list of top 10 countries with the biggest breasts. Well, I salute you for doing this posts, but at the same time, where are statistics? How many people were part of this survey? How can we know that these results are correct and not picked up randomly?
I always say it is silly to post a research publicly without any data. The easiest was is to post a list of top ten countries with biggest breasts and just write the countries that comes to mind that may have big-breasted women. Even I can do that.
Now lets get to the findings. We’ll start with the 10th place, Iceland. I never though Iceland has big breasted women. Oh well, I guess I need to plan a trip to Iceland now. On 9th place is Hungary, 8th goes to Venezuela, 7th to Colombia, 6th to Germany (I knew Germany’s big-breasted), 5th to USA. To continue the list of top ten countries with biggest breasts, 4th is Sweden, 3rd Norway, 2nd Russia and 1st place goes to Finland. Here it is now, the full list of the top ten countries which’s females have the biggest boobs. It looks like moving to Scandinavian countries wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

Which country would you say has the biggest breasts?

Agree or disagree with the list, at least you now have an idea which countries my have big boobs. Summer is not far away, so this list could also help you plan your summer trip. Just saying.


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