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Published on September 12th, 2017 | by LickIt


Taylor And Paige Pierce Leave You In Amazement

Nothing beats a solid tug job surprise, right?


The title does not reveal much but you, indeed, are in for a special treat that will impress you and leave you in amazement for hours to come. But what am I even talking about? One thing is for sure, two girls are here to do something extraordinary for you. They are Paige Pierce and Taylor. The former is the one with green hair and the latter the one with pink hair. So colorful.

While there is only one in the beginning, the other joins her later on as a special surprise. It is Taylor who is the treat we are talking about all this time. That is way better than a cookie or a cake or whatever else there might be considered as a treat. It only gets tastier. Wait for it.

Wearing black lingerie and stockings, Paige and Taylor join for a double POV handjob session. But first, they fool around, kiss and take off part of their erotic outfits. Boobie flash! Paige even has her nipples pierced, but both ladies have some body parts covered in tattoos. Mischievously hot.

The moment we have all been waiting for is not far away anymore. As a matter of fact, it happens now. Vivid hair owning Paige Pierce and Taylor go on their knees and begin playing with your cock. In unison, they jerk you off with one hand and with both hands. You read that correct, at one point, you will have four hands on your cock. How cool is that? But it is only getting better and better.

When one takes care of your phallus, the other teases for a guaranteed pleasurable sensation. There is even more kissing involved during the stroke madness but it is Taylor who finishes you off and makes you cum all over her hands.
By the way, Paige and Taylor even play with their pussies at one point. What a view!

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  1. jack says:

    that when you look at you wish you have 2 penis

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