Published on July 13th, 2018 | by LickIt

Slutty House Guest Dillon Harper At Tommy Gunn’s Place

I really would not mind if a slutty guest like Dillon Harper would knock on my doors one day. I would welcome her in the apartment and I would serve her only best things. This time around it is not me who’s doors Dillon knocked on, it is Tommy Gunn’s and he is one lucky bastard. Why I am saying this is because Dillon Harper is very cute and very good looking female human being and very slutty.

Harper is wearing a small black top and a super skinny white skirt with no undies and no bra. She is there for Tommy Gunn and ready to please him and to let him fuck her. Before the real one-on-one action starts, Dillon is making Tommy sweat by masturbating with a nice yellow dildo.

She looks perfect.

They later move from those giant leather resting seats to bed, where slutty Dillon starts with a blowjob. She is constantly pointing her eyes into camera and it’s like she is literally looking at you. Like you are there and that cock is not Gunn’s but yours. They fuck. They band. The 69. They are being slutty. They… Enjoy now and see what else happens, by pressing that play button above.

Is it just me or is Tommy Gunn all over the place lately?

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