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Published on February 12th, 2018 | by LickIt


Sex Takes Center Stage All Day On Kamihime Project R

When you’re thrust into the world of Kamihime, you are thrust into a world of sex. You are first introduced to the universe as you fly through the woods. You are quickly set upon and forced to take as much cock as the villains can dish out. Your only choice is to let them have their way with your character. Something tells you that she may be enjoying the experience a little but more than she lets on. That’s when the game opens up, and lets you battle and fuck your way through the world.

What is really great about Kamihime Project R is the fact that the sex scenes are all animated by professionals. The anime looks amazing and the actions are hot. They never pull any punches when it comes to showing you everything. If you can imagine it happening, then it will. You will be treated to full penetration and cum shots a plenty. As you progress through the story, your female protagonist will grow much more aggressive in her own right. You may even be surprised where this submissive little girl ends up at the end of it all. The world is filled with danger, so only dangerous people will survive.

The artwork in this sex game is amazing and it never lets up. It is a classic hentai look that will never go out of style. There are humanoids and monsters to fuck and battle on your journey. The world has a tendency to pull you in and never let you go. Whether it is a sex scene or a fight, the girls are going to be hot. Their breasts and faces are animated to make them bounce and smile. It gives a level of realism that most games like this just do not have. It is a really fun way to spend your time that is for sure.

The only issue that you will have with Kamihime Project R is that it might just take over your life. From the dark and mysterious opening scenes to the conclusion, you will be in love with your character. You will see the world through her eyes and get to know her intimately. Her entire body has been lovingly crafted, so you won’t mind staring at her for hours. The writing is great and the animation is just amazing. It offers tons of ways to enjoy yourself and really has something for everyone. No matter how many porn games you play, this should be one of them. You will never want to leave.

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