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Published on December 19th, 2017 | by LickIt


Sarah Vandella Strokes Herself Out Of Jail


It does not really matter what for Sarah Vandella ended up in jail, what matters most is how she gets out. Are you curious yet? Well, you already know the whole deal, however, you do not know how Sarah does it yet. One thing is for sure, all Sarah does, she does with passion. And even if that means stroking some cock in the prison cell. Especially that! And the one who she gives handjob to is the same cop who earlier took her into custody. A girl like Sarah knows the exact process how to get herself out and be free like a bird again.

Sarah calls over the officer, begging him for some food and drinks. She is dying for some liquid. Well, no foods and no drinks for Sarah. She needs to learn a lesson! Oh really? Or maybe Sarah will teach the officer a lesson. We shall see.

Once the officer is with Sarah and tells her that his uncle is the lawyer, Sarah Vandella jumps in with both feet and instantly seduces him. When she goes naked in the prison cell, of course, the officer cannot stay chill anymore. He releases her since she begs him to stroke his machete. An officer’s gotta do what an officer’s gotta do when such offer is given to him.

When the doors open, Sarah does not waste much time and goes straight to business. With her amazing stroking skills, Sarah does the officer so amazingly good, he jizzes all over Sarah’s insanely gorgeous body. She is just the hottest. But then something special happens. Sarah picks up as much cum as she can and swallows it. She only wants to show him what a good girl she is. Will he let her out now? We all know the answer.

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