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Published on September 29th, 2017 | by LickIt


Sailor Luna Enjoys A Hot Stroke By The Pool


Enjoying a hot and open-minded blonde chick taking a swim on a beautiful, sunny day is a fantasy come true. Today, you get to enjoy tattooed hottie, Sailor Luna. Well, she is not one of those highly inked stars, Sailor has a tattoo here and a tattoo there, just to make her amazing frame looking even better.

While she approaches you and wants to begin teasing you, something unexpected happens. Her boob pops out. That was definitely not planned, yet on point. Instead of rushing popping it back in, Luna goes with the flow and gets the tease show going. She frees the other one, too, and has you hooked forever. Especially when she gets out of the pool and begins walking towards you. That is tasty as fuck. The body, the legs, the tats, the smiley face, the red lips, I could go on and on. Plus, a bush. One thing is for sure, Sailor Luna is a hottie everyone would kill for. Would you?

But there is something that excites you about the whole situation even more. You have not yet enjoyed a tug job outdoors, by the pool. And now you have a lady in front of you who want to go down on you and offer you to pop the by-the-pool-handjob cherry. There is a first timer for everything and you are thrilled.

When Sailor Luna begins stroking your cock, the years-long fantasy finally comes true for you. Outside, by the pool, and a blonde girl is there with you, milking your cock. What else do you need in your life?

What Luna also teaches you is that you should never use lube when it comes to pumping the dick. Instead, you should always – and she means it – use spit as a moisturizer. Seems cool to me. Whatever feels right for you, Luna. With so many skills she has, you would not even mind if she goes dry on you.

As an icing on a cake, Sailor Luna lets you unload all over her face.

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