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Raquel Devine Secretly Fucked By Johnny Castle

Gorgeous MILF, Raquel Devine, knocks on Johnny Castle’s window doors and sneaks inside his apartment, so no one could see them. Before Johnny closes the doors he scans with his eyes, if there really is no one that saw them. Raquel and Johnny move upstairs, but they made the first stop on the stairs. Devine is walking just so seductively on stairs, revealing her but cheek and Johnny can’t hold himself back. They made a pit stop and Johnny is already all over Raquel Devine’s ass. 46 year old woman likes young and strong hands grabbing her and she even enjoys it if he is a little bit rougher. They later move a few steps higher and Devine gets on her knees and arms in a doggy position, so she can clearly expose her vagina and anus. Johnny Castle is being really hungry and her juices and taste aren’t enough. He wants more and more he gets. Experienced older women like Raquel Devine is know exactly how to satisfy younger guys. They know exactly how to make them worship them and how how to make them act like baby boys. Raquel is good at all of it and we can all just dream of having such a “neighbour.”

An amazing and experienced woman, Raquel Devine is.

This Meridian, Idaho born pornstar who’s birth name is Cheri Lacey will make you go mad for her.

You know what is also amazing to see? These older women who are having such amazing bodies. Most of us can only dream of heaving our wives being of such good look. I am always saying to myself, no way I am being like a “random” old fart. I will be a good looking men and I hope my wife will think the same for herself.
Just let Raquel Devine be a good example for all of us.

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