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Pleasing The Mistress

‘Do a good job, Rose and you will be rewarded”, that’s all she heard before the call cut and she walked inside the club ‘Jaws’ at 16th Bleeker St. Well, the mission was clear, wasn’t it? She has to find someone who would be willing to be their slut for tonight. Just the thought of them with their little slut, playing around with her body, making love, made her feel wet between the legs. Perhaps I might even get rewarded with my favorite toy action”, Rose thought as she took a table inside the bar and ordered a gin and tonic.

She scanned the crowd, looking at all the faces, something that a Predator would do before settling on a prey. Everything seemed the usual. People were grinding on each other like it was some sort of a sex club, guys flirting with girls trying to buy them drinks, people making out. Nothing new. That was until her eyes landed on the petite blonde standing right at the corner of the bar, and she was looking at her!!!!

That was signal enough for Rose as she went straight to her and introduced her.

“Hi, I’m Rose. You seem to be bored”, she said while she checked her out. Hmmm, blond hair, brown eyes and a petite figure. She checks all the boxes. The girl’s breasts were firm and big as Rose could almost see them bulging out from the hint of a dress that she was wearing.

The girl’s name, she found out was Shannon and after a few drinks, she also got the information that she was a lesbian as well. Now the only question remained was whether she would be ready to have a threesome with them or not. After all, Rose had to please her mistress tonight and Shannon was going to be her gift to the Mistress.

Shannon had never been with two girls at the same time. Still, here she was, walking up the stairs to some stranger’s apartment where their supposed ‘Mistress’ was waiting for them.

As she walked, Shannon couldn’t help but wonder what made her say yes to lesbian threesome sex with complete strangers. Well, there could be only one reason. Rose. The way she looked at her, it felt she was undressing her right then and there. That look in Rose’s eye made her go wild. And when she suggested a night full of lesbian sex with ‘The Mistress’, she couldn’t say no to her.

Her thoughts were broken as she heard the sounds of the key go into the lock on the door.

“We’re here, babe, The Mistress will be pleased”, said Rose as she opened the door for her.

She was guided by Rose to the living room where she first saw her. She wore a white lacy nightgown which accentuated her voluptuous breast and you could see her nipples right from there. The Mistress. Who calls anyone that these days? However, Shannon kept the suggestion to herself as she felt the eyes of the Mistress on her body. It wasn’t how Rose looked at her. She felt a bit scared. But Rose’s hold in her hand assured her that nothing was wrong.
“Good job, Rose. Go get ready while I make our guest comfortable.” She heard the Mistress speak.

Rose skipped out of the room as The Mistress came close to Shannon. She could feel her hot breath on her head as she looked up.

“You do know what you are here for, right?”

“Yes, Ma’am, I’m here with Rose to please you.” Shannon heard herself say.

“Well, that’s not all that’s going to happen. You see…unlike boys, when lesbians have lesbian sex, we pay attention to each and everyone. And you can call me Stella.”

She smiled as she kissed Shannon hard and fast. Shannon was guided to the sofa where she sat down with her. A while later, Rose came back, wearing a similar nightgown but, black. She sat down beside Shannon and started kissing her. Their tongues played with each other when Shannon felt Stella’s lips around her neck, her tongue inching and tracing her ears.

This was something that she had never experienced before, two women seducing her. She felt Rose’s hands travel up her breasts as Stella’s hands inched down her dress and went inside to stroke her pussy.

“Let’s get rid of our clothes”, Stella said. Within no time, everyone was stripped down to the panties. Stella made an exit and Rose took that chance to grab Shannon and kiss her passionately. She cupped her breasts and licked them, caressed them, making the nipples go hard. She could hear herself moan as Rose bit her nipple, making her squirm.

“I see that you made her ready, Rose. Now it’s time for your reward”, said Stella as Shannon saw her wear a strap-on and hand a long, monstrous vibrator to her. This was all new to Shannon as she only seen all these in some threesome porn, not real life. But she was down for it.
Rose grabbed her and sat on the sofa as she made her bend over to reach her pussy with her mouth. Shannon felt Stella sit down as she lubed up the strap on and rammed it hard and fast into her ass.

The sheer force made Shannon scream and she pushed her tongue deep inside Rose’s wet pussy. Shannon moaned as hard as she could. She could feel the dildo travel inside her pussy which was making her crazy. She started licking Rose’s clit as fast as she could as she cupped her breasts and tweaked the nipples. She could her Stella’s moans as she felt the dildo go hard into her ass.

This was all the pleasure that she could handle. She wondered how Stella got the pleasure from just a strap on but she later found out that these strap-ons have nubs on them for stimulating the pussy of the one that wears it.

As Stella kept on thrusting back and forth, Shannon felt herself coming close to an orgasm as she started lapping and licking and sucking on Rose’s pussy. She felt that Rose was about to come as she saw her legs quiver and shake. Rose screamed and held Shannon’s head as she came and filled her mouth with all her juices.

Stella was still pushing inside Shannon’s ass and Shannon felt the beginning of an orgasm. Then she suddenly something warm and wet on her breasts. Rose started sucking on Shannon’s nipples and rubbing her clit with her fingers. Shannon heard Stella moan and groan as she came from the stimulation but she still felt the thrusts on her ass. Shannon had never felt stimulated by these many regions in her body as she screamed when she had an earth-shattering orgasm and came like never before.

As they were lying on the bed later, Shannon heard Rose ask Stella “Can we make her a permanent one?”

She held her breath and grinned when she heard Stella say, “Sure”.

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