Published on December 28th, 2017 | by LickIt

Piss Prank (Accident) On The Streets Of Las Vegas

The very first second when I read the original title I was like, no way this really happened. Well, after watching the video, I really needed to give it a second watch, because this piss prank is damn good. Get a hot dancer and a topless guy laying on the ground. While she performs a show above him she reaches behind the dress and presses the pump and pisses on the guy. He then goes all mad and crazy and runs away. The crowd is shocked, some even smile. Simple as that, but some just don’t believe this piss prank is a prank and not an accident. You’ll gonna love it.

Anyway, I found a few super awesome comments that I want to share them with you:
– Watch While High wrote: What if the guy would’ve play along and open his mouth letting all the shiny juice crawl all over his face… then she would start shittin’ and, oh wait, I’m on YouTube.
– Deagle Beagle wrote: So hard to believe it was on accident, even though I imagine it is harder to hold in an orgasm than peeing and you may not see it coming until it is too late.
– Mr Bah BZ5 wrote: Sometime you gotta pay extra for that. He should be pleased.

If you want to stand out from the crowd do a piss prank.


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