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Nude Couple Packed Together In A Vacuum-Sealer Bag

What came to your mind when you first saw the picture of a nude couple packed together in a vacuum-sealer bag? I thought, oh man, another crazy Japanese art that will start making headlines all over the world wide web (and offline). Some were asking, are they even alive? It turned out, it is not “that crazy” as it seems. Japanese iconic condom store, Condomania, went completely “out of the box” with a nude couple print advert for this year’s Paris Fashion Week, as seen on psfk. I can only imagine how many eyes were caught on this print ad. Condomania teamed up with Oglivy and Mather Japan. They knew this Photographer Hal who was just the perfect fit for a “nude couple condom” campaign.
Photographer Hal started “vacuum packing” couples to preserve their love. The behind the scenes video you see above is a look inside Hal’s work.

Hal packs nude couple together so they are finally completed.

He tells us how and why he is doing this and shares with us his creative vision. You will not hear only from Hal himself, one couple also speaks. Girl said, when the air is sucked out, she stars feeling her man’s temperature and sweat. She also added, that she starts being unable to breath, but at the same time she starts feeling her man’s existence. She wants to get even closer to him. She wants to become one with him.
Hal hand picks interesting couples for his work, speaks to them and then puts them in vacuum-sealer bags for futons. He then removes the air and left them like this for ten seconds. Sounds kinda cruel, right? Oh, and sometimes, if nude couple feel pain, they get a dose of extra oxygen after the photo shoot. Just to let you know, it’s not only nude people that you will find “in the bags.”

Hal said that human beings are not completed, if they are just by themselves. It is when they come together, being close and that’s when they are finally completed.
Interesting vision, very interesting.
I personally don’t find this sexy at all, but I am sure people out there will find it not only artistic, but also sexy.
What next? Putting nude couple in a balloon and taking photos from plane?

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