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Naughty Student Teanna Trump Gets Fucked By Her Teacher

Naughty student Teanna Trump was a bad girl so she went to detention to pay for the things she did. But even while in detention she can not hold herself back. She starts using her phone “googling”, cause she was bored as hell, but unfortunately she is prohibited to use it. She did it anyways and that is something that pissed her teacher off. Maybe she did it on purpose? There is still one way that naughty student can get herself out of the trouble. Her teacher has the perfect solution and she is not rejecting it. Since already being such a bad girl Teanna Trump starts seducing her teacher while he plays a hard-to-get guy. It is all playing games and eventually they both end up by his desk, where Teanna exposes her beautiful ass. She continues being one hell of a naughty student, but you know teachers like girls like Teanna. Especially when playing roles like these two are. If you like watching role-playing-porn, this one is mean for you.

Don’t you teachers thing you have everything in control. A naughty student can always trick you!

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