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Mimi Faust Releases A Sex Tape With Nikko Smith

Mimi Faust of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reality show and her boyfriend and producer, Nikko Smith, released a “promotional” sex tape. They made many headlines already and by “promotional” I meant literally promotional.
How can a sex tape from a celebrity mother be a promotional video?

Vivid Entertainment apparently saw the tape and bought it and it looks like Mimi Faust has not much problems with it. Also, the third season of the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” is airing on May 5th. Due to the tape, I am quite sure the number of viewers will increase rapidly. So, on one hand this was a smart move from Mimi and her boyfriend Nikko.

But on the other hand if we look from the mother side of view, this was not the clever of an idea. Actually a complete disaster. Mimi has 4 year old daughter and this sex tape is definitely inappropriate and unacceptable by most of the standards.
But hey, Faust believes her sex life is wonderful so why not tape tape it. Interesting belief.

You know what is funny, Mimi Faust did not know the camera was on. Seriously, Mimi, who are you kidding now? She said she was in such another palace she just did not realize it. Sorry, but I do not buy it Mimi.
Not only Mimi and Nikko are the hot deal right now, but the shower rod also became a huge part of social media. It even has his own Twitter account @MimiShowerRod. We must all admit it, usually shower rods are not as strong as this one is. This one is definitely the next level of shower rods. If you are just about to buy a shower rod, buy this one, it has many advantages.

Anyways, this sex tape video will definitely be a huge promotion for both Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith and also VH1’s reality show. Producers of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” show are not bother with the sex tape. Completely opposite, they acted smartly and will try and make money out of it, with a great promotion for the show. Reality shows and sex have tight bonds.

Poor Mimi Faust did not know the tape is on

What you see above is only the extended version of the trailer for the Mimi & Nikko: Atlanta Scandal video. Vivid Entertainment has you covered, so you know where to find the full video.

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My last words?

All these sex tapes I find hilarious. You know why? Because in most of the times, the reason is, “I did not know the camera was on.”

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