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Massage Table Fuck For Hard Working Whitney Westgate

Whitney Westgate relaxes her body and mind with a massage table fuck.

Cute brunette girl, Whitney Westgate, had an intense workout and after a little stretch she needs a massage to relax her body. She does not want too much pain the next day, so a nice massage is something that she must not avoid (especially since it’s being offered to her). Cute Westgate is there (only) for the massage, nothing else. Things did not go as she planed and eventually she ended up in a massage table fuck. Was she resisting? Of course she wasn’t.
Whitney stripped down her tiny workout outfit and laid down on the table completely nude, exposing her natural breasts and tanned body. Masseuse helped her out and soon after he started performing his very oily massage, Westgate started moaning. She was really enjoying the feel of his hands. First he was working on porn stars’ body from the front, massaging her legs and breasts. Then she turned around and he continue massaging her legs, back, ass and… well, her juicy vagina.
It was time to bring this massage to the next level. They both knew where this is leading and it’s leading into a hot massage table fuck. But before the actual “thing” happened they worked on each other orally. First it was Whitney Westgate’s turn to reward masseuse’s work with a proper blowjob. Just like he did an amazing job massaging her body, so did Whitney massaging his cock, with her mouth. This is now becoming a really good start of the massage table fuck. It does not happen right after the blowjob. It is now masseuse’s time to return her the favor by pleasing her vagina and making her wet orally.
These two strangers like pleasing each other and they want to do it at a time. You know what that means and if you thought about 69, you are damn right. They are now putting in the higher gear and yes you now finally get the chance to see this awesome massage table fuck show. It mixes positions and that’s the only thing I will tell more.

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