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Published on October 17th, 2017 | by LickIt


Maria Jade Is A Curvy Blonde Bitch Who Knows How To Stroke


When you see her, you know Maria Jade will take care of your horny cock stroking needs and take you on an exclusive journey. Maybe you will love her due to her long blonde hair. It might be that you will be glued to the screen for the fact that Maria’s curves are phenomenal. Or she will put a spell on you immediately when you look her into her mesmerizing big brown eyes. Those are spectacular. However, chances are, all her talking probably makes you really bond with her. You just want her to treat you with her hands straight away. It does not happen that quickly. More seduction is yet to come.

Wait until she pulls up her pink tanktop and flashes her bouncy boobs. Those are meant for titty fucking all day long every day. Moreover, when she turns around, Maria shakes her big and round butt and slowly and steadily takes down her jean shorts. You forget that your mouth is wide open and you slobber all over the keyboard. Hot ladies like Maria Jade is do not have a problem making your mind twist 360 degrees. You are probably witnessing something similar right about now. It feels excellent, right?

You start missing Maria by your knees, doing your schlong with her hands. After stripping down completely, she goes on her knees right away and makes you feel special. Maria dedicates all of her efforts and focuses 110% on your penis. The POV jerking off begins and magic happens. Cute Maria even licks and sucks your balls because she knows how much you enjoy it. What a good girl she is! Sliding them up and down and milking it like it should be milked, Jade does not have a problem bringing you to the point of ejaculation. You do it on her chest and she then applies it like applying a liquid lipstick on her lips. That’s why her lips are so full and lovely.

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