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Published on January 9th, 2018 | by LickIt


Mandy Muse Seduces An Officer And Strokes Him Off


Something weird happened that left everyone in shock and brunette hottie, Mandy Muse, in jail. She stole a picture without an actual picture! Say what?! You read that correctly. But Mandy did not really bother stealing the picture since the solid gold frame mattered most. However, Mandy mixed things up slightly, not knowing that it is actually a wooden spray painted frame. Oops. But she did a crime and she is in jail now.

Hungry and thirsty Mandy Muse wants at least a bowl of soup or whatever to survive the custody time. Will the officer treat her with some food or keep torturing Mandy? What he does not know yet is that Mandy knows how to deal with officers to get herself out of jail. This is actually not her first time being in jail.

And how does Muse do it? With her incredible body and insanely inviting ass, Mandy seduces the officer with ease. In little to no time, he is hooked and the jail doors unlocked. After getting rid of the outfit, Mandy Muse does not waste much time and goes to her knees to stroke the officer and makes him forget about the bad stuff she did earlier.

With her hands tightly wrapped around his cock, Mandy jerks him off and makes him go crazy. But one surprise is still to come. What could that be? Mandy turns around and sandwiches his cock with her asscheeks and rubs it with passion. It is something no one expects from a handjob queen. An unexpected surprise never hurt anybody.

To end the fantastic freedom POV handjob, Mandy Muse does the officer with one hand and catches all of his cum with her mouth. Filled with jizz, Mandy, of course, swallows it to the last drop!

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