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Published on October 30th, 2017 | by LickIt


Madison Hart Is A Slutty Teen With Big Sex Appetite

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When this teeny, tiny blonde takes a bath, she does much more than simply clean herself off. In fact, Madison Hart might even be getting a little bit dirtier with what she is up to. It starts off innocently enough with her holding her favorite rubber ducky close to her amazing tits, but things quickly take a turn once her clothes start to come off. She holds her gorgeous ass in the orgasm inducing stream of water and lets it flow over her plump cheeks.

That’s when her pussy comes out to play as she slowly dips it in and out of the soapy water. Not even her rubber ducky is safe from her growing carnal appetite and it soon gets used as a plaything for her swollen clit. Using some big and colorful letters, this tiny teen lets her true intentions become known by telling the world that she’s a big dick slut, and she’s immediately rewarded with the fucking of a lifetime.

A massive cock appears right in front of her eyes and it’s almost as big as her entire head. While most teens might shy away from a challenge of this magnitude, she dives right in and bobs her blonde head up and down, working her mouth around the thick, hard shaft. She can’t get it all of the way in, but she does her best just to keep it all inside her mouth. She gets her efforts paid back when she finds herself on her hands and knees. The owner of the massive cock uses his mouth to slowly and sensually work her pretty little pussy for her. After all, it’s been aching to be filled since her bath time adventure began.

Sexy teen slut Madison Hart does not shy away from a monster cock

Once her pussy and asshole are properly lubricated by his saliva, it’s time for her hole to accept his giant member. She gets on her back and throws her feet high into the air and offers up her pussy. He slowly slides it in, stretching her and making her take every inch, then mercilessly starts to pound away at it. She takes it from the front, from behind and on even on her knees, but she never lets the size beat her. When it’s time to deliver its load, She takes to the floor like a good slut, finishes him off with her mouth and takes the entire hot, sticky mess to her face.

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