Published on May 29th, 2014 | by LickIt

Lovely Blonde Chloe Foster Gets Fucked By A Random Stranger

It was not a lucky day for lovely blonde Chloe Foster’s car, cause it died out of no particular reason. She was left on the road and it was taking mechanics forever to come and check what’s wrong. Luckily a random stranger came by and offered her help. After a quick little chat he invited her to his place where she can wait for the mechanics to come. Lovely blonde was down for it and off they go. Not far away where stranger picked up Chloe Foster she starts seducing him. He was really surprised and asked her, seriously? It was too late because she was already all over his cock. Before even getting to the apartment he was rock hard but like he said, he was living just around the corner. They arrived there quickly and they were both in a hurry to get to the apartment and get to the business. Naughty but cute and lovely blonde Chloe is a pretty wild girl, picking up strangers and fucking them. No fear is there in here only courage en sex hunger.

I like all these POV shots in here straight from the head. I am sure I would find it very silly if I would be at the set, seeing a couple fucking with cameras strapped on their heads. But still I must say it’s a cool idea.

Um… what about lovely blonde Chloe’s car, did they repair it?

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