Published on March 26th, 2018 | by LickIt

Lexi Diamond Is A Naughty, Naughty Hitchhiker

Lexi Diamond is a very naughty, naughty little hitchhiker, who hitchhikes to save gas, since she lives in this hut in the middle of now where. Just like Courage the Cowardly Dog did, you remember? Just there there are not ghost and zombies and shit like that hunting her, but some random guys, who are picking her up to drive her to this place. Lexi Diamond got lucky and found this guy on her walk and he saved her time. But later, she took his time by convincing him to take her to the store to grab some ice. How did she do that? How did she convince a complete stranger to first drive her to her “home” and later to the store? If your name is Lexi Diamond and you do not have breast implants, you can do it with ease.

I hate it since there was no proper ender, but the story is funny, so I decided to put it up here. And like I sad, this is Lexi before her breast implants. In my opinion, she is way sexier without them. Maybe that’s just me, but I really have no problems with small tits, I find them really sexy actually.


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