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Published on January 30th, 2018 | by LickIt


Karter Foxx Wastes None Of Your Time And Goes Jerking Off


You might be new to hot pornstar newbie, Karter Foxx, but that is about to change right now. However, there is a catch. Karter is not one of those ladies who first chats about herself and tells you her entire life story. Who even wants to listen to all of that stuff when we are all here for one reason only. And that reason is POV handjob. Instead of taking away all of that earned free time from you, Karter Foxx does the opposite.

Lying on the bed, Karter looks gloriously. Her skinny body and boobs of just the right size are soon fully revealed to you. It is the shortest tease show because Karter does not need to seduce you at all. You are hooked immediately after you see her. She is beautiful in every sense of the word.

But it is the cock stroking action what Karter Foxx goes to right away. Moving towards the edge of the bed while lying on her back, Karter starts with the tug job. You see, barely any time passed and she is already taking care of you. I know right, Foxx is an exceptionally good girl.

Stroking the cock, sucking the balls, Karter does it all. From the bed, she moves to the floor and onto her knees. Karter is having loads of fun treating you right with a mouthwatering cock stroking performance. However, your mind starts racing when Foxx is close to the cock because her big mouth is so inviting. You just want to stick your dick inside and let her suck you dry. But not today. We are here to enjoy Karter Foxx’s talented hands, sliding up and down the penis.

When the point of no return arises, Karter excitedly awaits all of the jizz with her face. Yes, Karter enjoys facials the most!

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