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Jodi Taylor Blows And Fucks A Guy For An Ice Cream Cone

Jodi Taylor will suck this guy’s cock (and later fuck him) if he buys her an ice cram cone and she is not joking, she will really do it. If you do not have money and you are really addicted to ice cream (cones), you do everything to get it. Also, it was ages for Jodi since she was last time giving a blowjob in the car. She gets pretty excited about that, plus she will get an ice cream cone, what is the most important.

Would you buy Jodi Taylor an ice cream cone?

(I would, that’s for sure)

Back to the video now and enough about ice cream, even if I know you little freaks are all addicted to it. Unfortunately I am out of the ice cream addiction, so I can not count myself in, sorry. But I would still buy her one (or 463).
After a nice a proper blowjob, this July 21, 1991 born cuttie, Jodi Taylor and the guy move to his apartment. Why giving him only a blowjob? If she already started, they definitely need to finish their adventure with a nice fuck.
Again, why the hell do you film a porn movie and you blur your face?

I would not blur my face, if I would get a chance to fuck Jodi Taylor!

It’s is only the mirror reflection is blurred during the fuck, but it’s enough that made me mention it here. Isn’t it better to just cut your head off? Blurred faces in pornographic movies are pissing me even more than wearing socks during sex.
Do not focus on the guy, focus on Jodi Taylor, she is cute and sexy and that’s what you need. This is a POV scene so you will imagine you are giving a blowjob in the car with ease.

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