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Jessie Storm Humiliates Her Arab Husband Slaves

Femdom queen, Jessie Storm, owns and cuckolds two crazy rich Arab husbands while enjoying fucking around numerous boyfriends. The main reason why Jessie married them is due to their money, not to mention, to use them as slave servants. A nice package of two Arab slaves, obeying every word Storm says. Hey, before you start complaining about life being unfair or whatever, it’s these two Arabs who like it the slave way. And of course Jessie wants to please their fantasies by humiliating them and taking away (all of) their money. What a good girl she is!
One day, when on a date with Nic Thenuts, they together take full advantage of Jessie Storm’s husbands. Being in slight confuse, watching Arab slaves creeping on the floor, nearly naked, treating Jessie’s feet, Nic soon learns the whole story behind them being only cuckolds.
Jessie and Nic both get aroused by the idea of punishing them and do not waste much time before helping each other get their fuck parts moist and ready for pounding.
Being a gentleman as he is, Nic first starts teasing and pleasing Jessie Storm, making her twat wet in no time. Putting his fat fingers and warm tongue to use, Thenuts gives Jessie great oral satisfaction. To return the favor, Storm gets on all her four and enthusiastically face fucks his stiff machete.

Jessie Storm uses her Arab husband slaves as human table to fuck on.

Putting in the next gear, Nic takes Jessie’s pussy from various positions, ramming her hard and passionately. And all this while her Arab husband slaves enjoy the beautiful view from a foot away. But the best part is just about to happen.
It’s time for Jessie Storm to show her boyfriend a special trick she taught her Arab slaves. They both go on all their four and side by side so they form a human table, perfect for Jessie and Nic to fuck on. Oh yes, that is exactly what happens next. But first, some cock blowing skills from the mistress before she spreads her legs and lets Thenuts fuck her pink while lying on top of the table made of cuckold slaves. How inviting!
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