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How I Popped My Free Local Sex Dating Cherry

I’m not exactly a very risk taking guy. I’m the type of dude that is almost obsessive compulsive when it comes to taking risks. I hate change. I’m not proud of admitting that, but that’s who I am. I mean, I really can’t take too much change at any one time. It really blows my mind and it often makes me feel naked. It makes me feel weak, vulnerable, and susceptible. It’s not a good feeling.

Just how resistant am I to change? Well, for one, it took me until several years after the Apple iPhone to roll out for me to finally get one. I always write everything by hand. I never typed stuff into a computer. While I do type a lot of everyday stuff on my computer or tablet, when it comes to the “important stuff” I keep everything manual. I’ve had a computer hard drive crash on me before and let me tell you, that was it for me. I was done.

When it comes to sex, I am the most conservative motherfucker you probably would ever meet. The only position that I know is missionary and doggie style is too dirty for me. Having some hot horny women ride me cowgirl or reverse cowgirl style is too unsettling. As you can tell, I like to do things the old way and when it comes to local sex dating, I never really thought much about it because I thought that all dating is traditional dating.

Meaning, you get referred by your friend, you meet somebody at a restaurant, you either hit it off in the conversation or you don’t. If you do hit it off, maybe you kiss on the cheek after the end of the day. Then you call her back and she calls you back, and this goes on for several dates until maybe, if everything is just right, you end up getting blown or fucking. That is my definition of sex dating.

Boy, was I in for quite a bit of a surprise when I discovered local sex dating because the old rules are completely gone. We’re talking about just destroyed. Local sex dating really is like my fantasy come true. I mean, which guy do you know wouldn’t fantasize of dating several women in a week and fucking all of them?

The best is they never call back. There are no emotional strings. There’s no compulsion to be a boyfriend. There’s none of that bullshit. I mean, this is awesome shit, right?

Well, just like with anything else that looks great written on paper, when it comes to actually acting it out, or playing it, out or living it out, it’s actually messier than we think. And that’s exactly how my local sex dating cherry got popped. I joined a website that’s supposed to hook you up with local sex dates.

In the beginning, I thought it was bullshit because I spent a huge amount of time, sent a lot of messages, only to end up with zero. That’s right, zilch, nada, goose egg. To cut a long story short, I thought that the whole local sex dating thing was bullshit.

And sure enough, when a friend of mine showed me the inner workings of such a site that catered sexual meetings to my local area, part of me wanted to believe it, but most of me was really, really skeptical. Like, I was thinking, yeah, the ads are great and these testimonials of dudes claiming that they’re getting all these actions seem legit. But ultimately, it’s probably not for me. But boy did I change my mind after I registered on and ended up with a huge boost in my sex life!


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