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Hot Nicole Aniston Fucks Her Yoga Teacher Holly Michaels

Blonde and hot Nicole Aniston is relaxing on the couch while ordering herself a mozzarella-anchovies-pineapple-etc. pizza. Holly Michaels comes to the living room in the middle of her conversation with a yoga mat. Holly thinks that Nicole needs to start working out to stay in such shape she already is. Especially since she is having a lot of pizza in her life.
Holly Michaels is an experienced yoga newbie and she would like to bring hot Nicole Aniston to try it out. After a little stretch, Nicole eventually decides to give yoga a try. She is doing it quite well, but to spice things up, Holly slips down her panties. Nicole is not resisting and together they bring this little yoga session to a complete new level. No, they did not stretch and they did not work out like crazy. What they did is they added some lesbian love-making to the yoga. The yoga now became a lesbian yoga and it looks like Nicole Aniston is fine with it. Even if hot Nicole Aniston is being a lazy girl, Holly knew exactly what to do to put Aniston in movement. She did a good job and we simply love how this pizza-ordering-yoga-session turned out.
From chilling on the couch, to lesbian yoga, pussy licking and 69. This was one hell of a lesbian scene and you should definitely not miss it out.

Can I be hot Nicole Aniston’s yoga instructor?

I know exactly how to keep this girl in such shape she already is.

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