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Hime Marie Receives Facial From Her Daddy


While Hime Marie’s skinny and petite body is the biggest attention grabber, you will first be hooked by hearing her voice. It is just so soft and gentle. Listening to Hime is like you would be in a fairy tale and there is a soft voice that guides you through the story. You do not know what I am talking about? It does not matter. You already are in the fairy tale and Hime Marie is the star of it. Let her take you on a pleasing journey that you will never forget. After all, you are her daddy. She is just so fantastically good at it you do not need my words describing it. However, I will do it anyway.

As dirty as Hime is, she cannot wait to hold your penis firmly with her hands and sense how it grows. Still, she does not have a problem holding herself back and keeps teasing you for a few more moments. And there is no one complaining. Do what you do best, Hime, we love it all! One thing is for sure, Hime Marie is well aware that you absolutely adore her butt. Well, it sure is magnificent. That said, she will let you examine it in great detail.

But when Hime Marie begins with her POV jerk off session, she makes sure she goes beyond expectations. At one point, Hime also goes down on herself and begins fingering her snatch. What is just happening in front of your eyes is like, well, it would be a fairy tale. I told you!

Enjoying every moment spent with Hime Marie makes you the luckiest person alive. It is like it is not happening at all. It feels like a dream. But it is as real as you and I are. Hime is there, stroking your shaft and making you feel good. That is what she is exceptionally good at. And to end the show, Hime welcomes your jizz with her lovely face.

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