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Published on December 18th, 2017 | by LickIt


Heather Vahn Shows How To Treat A Dick Like A Boss

Ladies, when it comes to treating a dong like a boss, always learn from the best. This time from Heather Vahn.

Hey you, yes you, girl, may I have your attention, please? When it comes to blowjobs and how to please a guy, new skills are always welcome. Right? Right. Maybe you think you are master at giving blowjobs and handjobs but I need to sadden you. Only because, if you do think so, you probably haven’t seen Heather Vahn do her thing. Damn, this lady is good at it. On the other side, if you are a dude who would like to get treated like the guy in the video, by all means, show it to your girl or whoever you will have a sexy encounter with next.
But today, I will stick with the girls. Why? Because I can. Every lass has her own technique of how to treat a dick and it should be that way. Otherwise, with every babe doing it the exact same way, it would get boring. Well, not really. Even if it is not the best of BJ, it is still better than no BJ. We men like it when she does her thing to our Jimmy with her mouth and tongue. For as long as it does not get painful. Too much. We people are silly, we do like a little bit of pain, don’t we?
Anyway, girls, always learn from the best. In this case, from beautiful, black haired miss, Heather Vahn. Before she even gets to the business, putting her hands, mouth and tongue to use, she rubs her nipples with an ice cube. Fuck that looks hot! I bet if Heather would put on a shirt right after the icy massage, nipples would rip that shirt. Like there’s anyone who would like to see that, right? We wanna have Heather Vahn naked and instead of putting on a shirt, we prefer a dick between her tits way more. And so does she. Watching Heather fucking this guy with her boobs instantly makes this world a better place. But this is only the beginning. The real fun begins when she gets to the business by using her mouth. Blowing and licking that woody as well a “vacuumizing” balls with her mouth – why oh why can’t I be on that lucky dude’s place?
Hot and gorgeous, Heather Vahn, does an incredible job treating a dick until he can not hold it inside anymore and jizes all over her face.
I don’t know what looks better: Heather with a dick down her throat or Heather with cum all over her pretty face. Tough question.

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