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Gianna Nicole Met Tony And This Is What Went Down

Tony from Team Skeet got lucky one day and got a chance to met up with lovely and sexy and very exotic looking young Gianna Nicole. Tony was introduced to Gianna by Carmen Caliente and here is now the video showing you how all went down. He visited Carmen’s apartment and the very same moment he spotted Gianna Nicole, he knew she had what it takes.

Carmen Caliente showed the room and off they go (with a camera). Soon after they went “private” Nicole revealed all her amazing secrets. Amazing and just perfectly rounded ass and sweet 34C boobs.

She is looking so sexy and she is only eighteen years old. Well at least in the videos she is 18. I did not find her birth year, just the date and it is March 16 and that she was born in Miami, Florida.

Anyways, back to the video. Gianna Nicole sucks Tony’s cock and she is doing it like a pro. And her eyes… those eyes of her are amazing. From sucking to fucking and “everything” in between. Tony came all over her amazing tanned ass and she knew Team Skeet has a new team member.

Gianna Nicole meets Tony and fucks his brains out

I have two compliments that I really to add. I never really understood why guy’s faces are blurred? The quality of the video just gets poorer when not seeing guy’s face. If you guys do not want to show his face, at least try and film the video without showing his face at all. Cut his head and everything will be much better.

And second, socks. Why are you wearing socks? I saw so many porn scenes with actors wearing socks and it looks just so inappropriate. But the socks fetish is there and it sure is favored by many.

Just saying, do what you like doing, but I have blurred faces and socks.

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