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Kendra Lust Anal Fucked For The First Time Makes You Drool

You’ll start drooling like a leaky faucet the moment Mick makes Kendra Lust anal virgin no more

You really will and way before the real anal action even begins. Damn this cougar lady is hot and it seems the older she gets the more voluptuous she is. Seriously, just look at hear, I mean really, look at those curves, fake boobs, tight ass, athletic belly – to us mortal people it’s an unreal pack of beauty. It would not make you a weirdo, if you fapped to Kendra Lust for ten times in a row. Her seductive voice and sexy and erotic moves bewitch you before she even shows any of her skin. She’s good at it, bloody hell she’s good at everything she does, even if it is her first timer!
Speaking about her firsts, the first ever Kendra anal fuck, she filmed with Mick Blue for Tushy, is insane. It’s so ridiculously amazing even Mick can not believe it. But it’s all because of the naughty dream Kendra had last night. She was in the room, all soaked in water, dancing for a man who was not her husband. It turned out it was Mick Blue himself. Being her psychiatrist, Mick knows every detail about Lust and knows exactly how she needs to be treated.

There’s nothing more beautiful than watching Kendra anal fucked for the first time.

After telling him about this dirty dream, Mick seats right besides her and brings her last night dream to reality. They both want it badly especially Kendra who is going through rough times. She finally realises, visiting a psychiatrist was a really good idea.
Mick kisses Lust roughly but passionately. Talking is over now, sexy encounter is on. He starts pleasing her pussy but more importantly her butt hole. Kendra needed a change in her life. Not only to get herself another guy to fuck her hard, she wants her ass to finally get penetrated by a nice and meaty cock. With other words, it is time for the first Kendra Lust anal sex and she could not have pick a better dude to get it done. Mick Blue, an experienced fuck machine who is also her psychiatrist. She feels way more comfortable with him than with her husband. She trust him and that’s what it is needed when it comes to loosing anal virginity.
Before they proceed and make Kendra Lust anal virgin no more, Mick penetrates her anus by using his fingers and tongue. Kendra does not need much to start experiencing screaming orgasms. Her anus is the most erogenous zone of her body and Mick Blue knows exactly how to take advantage of it. How to make Kendra go loud and ready for the final, dick penetration.
You can only guess how intense it gets and how much Kendra enjoys the feeling of her anal walls being rubbed by Mick’s dick. I will not reveal more, instead, I will let you enjoy the Lust anal experience yourself in the video above. Thing feels as real as you stroking your cock right now.

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  1. gmrf says:

    Mick is a bastard why he destroyed anal virginity of my darling KL,Believe me KL is a true virgin of both her holes

  2. gmrf says:

    Her seductive voice and sexy and erotic moves

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