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Fake Lay Is One Fun & Exciting Clicker Sex Game

There is nothing at all wrong with being a pervert and Fake Lay is here to prove that to you. This game is amazingly fun and it keeps a sense of humor that can appeal to anyone who is not prudish. The entire plot of it revolves around disguising yourself to convince women that sleeping with you is a great idea. Whether you find yourself driving cam or photographing, you can sweet talk your way into pair after pair of panties. Naturally, as a pervert, you always take things a step further. Once you get the girls’ trust, you can record yourself doing the nasty. It is these videos that are the life blood of the game. The more you have and the higher the quality, the more you make selling them. That’s right, the main goal is to record yourself having sex and then sell the videos. It is just a great time to be alive and a pervert at the same time.

fake lay clicker sex game

The mini games are just as much as the main one in Fake Lay. They see you doing all sorts of things to get into your girls’ pants. The sweet talk one in particular has you slashing at bad topics like a horny fruit ninja. Others involve touching the girls in just the right way and even using sex toys on them. No matter what you like to do in flash games, you get it all here and it is fun. Suspending your disbelief has never been a better time than in this sex game.

As you travel around the city in Fake Lay you are going to come across a lot of different women. There is something for everyone and you can spend as much time with your favorites as you want. As long as you remember to record your encounters, you are going to be making money and beating the game. It is really that simple, and it is a great way to buy gifts for the new girls.

This porn game is just a fun time and there is no way around it. As long as you are looking for something that has a great sense of humor, you will love it. The hentai girls are hot and the action is fun. Balancing your time to make sure you have what you need is key. You may find that you need to seduce another girl to seal the deal with another. This is a great thing to do with your time.

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