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Published on January 5th, 2018 | by LickIt


Ember Snow And Edyn Blair, The Double Stroking Queens


There is something you have always wanted to realize, but you just did not get the right two women to do it. I am speaking of the double handjob session you are dreaming about for all this time. Wouldn’t that feel just the greatest, two chicks by your cock, enjoying themselves to the fullest while stroking your machete? We all know the answer. It is a big and a fat YES, INDEED.

Today is your lucky day. Make an end to all the dreaming and fantasizing. The double handjob session is about to come to reality with help from no other than Ember Snow and Edyn Blair. One is Asian and the other is ginger. I mean, isn’s that just the best combination you could think of? One is tiny and petite while the other is curvy and succulent. And I do not even need to tell you who is who, right? Okay, I will. Ember is the Asian and Edyn is the ginger.

While the girls are here for you, the warm up starts way before they join forces and jerk you off. What I mean by that, they begin the action on their own. After all, they are both bisexual, enjoying both men and women. They kiss each other, touch each other and make you feel good and your cock hard from a distance. And they successfully get you horny as fuck without allowing you to touch them. Bad girls!

But of course they cannot hold themselves back for much longer and join you on the floor. The double POV handjob is on and their hands are vividly sliding up and down your cock. Isn’t that something you always dreamt about? Well, the dreaming is over now. Hotties Ember Snow and Edyn Blair are realizing every last corner of your fantasy with this amazing stroking session. While doing you, Ember and Edyn do each other, too. At least when it comes to kissing and teasing. And you get to watch it all!

Once it is just too much for you and you cannot hold it in any longer, the ladies expect your cum, but it is Edyn Blair who receives a cumshot on her hand.

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